PNS 14 & Under SC Championships; WKCAC

December 7, 2012 - December 9, 2012
November 19, 2012
December 9, 2012
(this is a team hosted event)


News and Notes for this weekend’s 14 and Under PNS Championship Meet



1.      Regardless of when your event(s) swim, we expect you to be there for warm-up with the rest of the team. Most of you won’t be in the first few events, but you should be there to cheer and support your teammates. To that end, we would like the kids to all sit on deck in the team area which is usually the west side bleachers facing the dive pool.


2.      Arrival Times:

Friday Prelims 7:05am

Friday Finals 3:15pm

Saturday Prelims 7:05am

Saturday Finals 3:15pm

Sunday Prelims 7:05am

Sunday Finals 3:15pm


3.      Positive Check in for the longer events; make sure you check yourself in by the deadline below:

400 IM by 10:30am on Friday

500 Free by 10:30am on Saturday

1650 Free by 10:30am on Sunday


4.      If you are having any issues getting there on time (car problems, traffic) please call/text either Dave or myself so we know you are on your way. This is especially important for relay swimmers.

Dave: 425-753-1600

Erin: 206-883-4434


5.      Make sure you are wearing your Wave gear at all times this weekend.


6.      The Timeline and Psych Sheet for this weekend are now posted, see links below.


7.      The meet host contacted all participating teams with timing assignments. Each participating club is expected to assist timing the meet during prelims (morning) only. The host club will cover timing assignments for the finals (evening) sessions. To that end we set up a job sign-up on the meet page for families to sign up.


8.      With the Psych Sheet and Timeline both available, we were able to update our relay list with approximate times of competition. You will still want to be there for warm-up, but now we know which 11 and older 200 relays will be in the morning and which in the evening.


9.      We posted two relay lists on the website; one is by relay in event order, the other is by athlete in alphabetical order. Both lists include the approximate time of competition based on the timeline supplied by the meet host.