Snowflake Classic; Hazen High School Pool

January 27, 2013
December 17, 2012


Swim meet for 9 and Younger swimmers only. No standards.

Plan to arrive at the pool by 8:45am and sit with other WAVE families 

Notes from the Meet Host for this weekend:

The meet timeline had us running well beyond our 4 hr limit so we had to make the following adjustments:


1)       Please see the proposed timeline – we had to take out the two 5 minute breaks after the Free Relay and prior to the Medley Relay events.  Please be prepared if you have a swimmer in the later heats of the Relay and the 1st heat of the IM.  Same for the final heat of the 50 butterfly and the 1st heat of the MR. 


2)       We had to take out all C and D relay teams for the final MEDLEY RELAY ONLY


3)       We combined the 1st Heat of Event #1 and the First Heat of EVENT #2.     


4)       Because this is a younger meet, as well as a training meet for many new officials and starters, we need to do our best to be patient yet efficient.  There are many factors that can delay a meet.  We are so close to the 4hr time limit that at 1:30PM we will make an assessment of where we are in the meet.  If at that time we are more than 20 behind schedule to will advise you if Final relays will be A team only or cut all together.  But hopefully we will avoid having to make and deck changes. 


Again we would like to thank you for your understanding and we look forward to making this a fun meet for the kids.