Championship Meets

Championship Meets


Each year (September- August) is divided into three seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer

The coaches focus on having the swimmers finish each season with a positive meet experience that they can build on for the next season. This is important for several reasons:

·         It is an extremely motivating way to finish the season which helps to set them up for a good start the next season

·         It validates the effort the kids have put in at practice

·         It validates the efforts the parents put into getting their kids to practice, making sure they are eating right, etc.

·         Some kids may be needed to fill out relays at one of the meets with qualifying standards- this is a big deal both for the athlete and the team.

Each family needs to attend at least one of the season ending meets, and as such should keep those dates open on their calendars.  


The championship meets to end each season are:



Fall Divisional Championships December 1-2; all ages, for those swimmers who have not met the qualifying standards for the next two meets

PNS 14 & Under Championship Meet December 7-9; 14 and under swimmers

WA State Senior Championship Meet December 13-16; 15 and older swimmers



Spring Divisional Championships March 9-10; all ages, for those swimmers who have not met the qualifying standards for the next two meets

Senior Sectionals March 14-17; open competition meaning no age groups, anyone who qualifies regardless of age can compete at this meet

NW Region Age Group Championships March 22-24; all ages but swimmers only compete against others in their same age or age group



Summer Grand Challenge July 20-21; all ages, long course meet for those who have not met the PNS LC Championship standards

PNS LC Championship July 25-28; all ages long course meet

Grand Poobah August 3; extra meet at the end of the long course season open to all Wave swimmers; swimmers race short course and get a chance to see how much they have improved over the course of the summer