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Pool Rules:
  1. Everyone must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.

  2. If you have a communicable disease that can be transmitted by water or have been ill with diarrhea or vomiting in the past two weeks, do not use the pool.

  3. All children ages 13 and under must take a swim test before entering deep water.

  4. Children ages 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the water within arms-reach at all times, Up to 3 children may be under the supervision of 1 adult.

  5. Bathers with seizure, heart or circulatory problems are advised to swim with a buddy.

  6. Bathers who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers that have tight fitting protective coverings.

  7. Diapers must be changed in the designated diaper changing area or restrooms

  8. Do not use pool when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  9. No running on deck or horseplay in the pool.

  10. No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in or around the pool.

  11. The use of blocks and the pull up bar are restricted private training times under the supervision of a coach.

  12. The use of cell phones and other photographic devices in the locker room is strictly prohibited.

  13. No hanging on the lane lines.

  14. Children over the age of 4 years old must change in the appropriate gendered locker room.

  15. Persons failing to follow the rules are subject to removal from the premises.

  16. No glass or glass containers are allowed on deck.

  17. Phone and First Aid supplies are located in the office

  18. AD is located in women's locker room entry


Diving Board Rules:

  1. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board and ladder

  2. Each Person must wait until the preceding diver has cleared the area before diving

  3. Only one bunch is permitted on the diving board except during instructional activity and when under the supervision of a diving instructor

  4. Front dives and flips are allowed if done straight off the end of the board

  5. Cartwheels and Handstands are prohibited

  6. Running dives are not allowed

  7. Jumping off of the diving board into the arms of another swimmer is not permitted

  8. Divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and leave the area after diving

  9. Swimming under the diving board is prohibited 

  10. Playing or swimming in the diving area is not permitted while the boards are open for diving

  11. Hanging off of the end of the diving board is not permitted

  12. Goggles, masks or floatation devices may not be worn going off the board

  13. As a safety precaution, before diving, all swimmers must pass a swim test

  14. Adjustments of the diving board fulcrum may be made at the discretion of the aquatics staff

  15. The manager or supervisor on duty may restrict certain dives based on safety concerns

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