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  • What is your Public Swim Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellations for Public Swim must be made at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for a refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled swim will receive a credit, courtesy pass, or will be given a punch back on the punch pass. Wave Aquatics will not issue any Credits or Refunds to patrons who do not wish to share their lane.
  • What is your No-Show Policy?
    No Refunds or Credits will be issued for a no-show
  • Can I transfer my punch pass to someone else?
    No, punch passes can only be utilized by the patron in which they are originally bought for.
  • Can I show up to Family Swim without a reservation?
    Family Swim does have an enrollment limit. We recommend registering ahead of time, because Family Swims usually fill up before they start. You may show up without a reservation, but you will be turned away if the Family Swim is full.
  • What holidays is Wave closed?
    Labor Day- Closed Thanksgiving- Closed Christmas Eve- Closed at 2pm Christmas- Closed New Years Eve- Closed at 2pm New Years Day- Closed Memorial Day- Closed 4th of July- Closed
  • What floats can I bring for my child?
    Wave Aquatics only allows Coast Guard approved life jackets and flotation devices. If you do not own a Coast Guard approved jacket we have acceptable life jackets for your child to use during their swim. If you have questions about how life jacket sizing for your child please ask your facility lifeguard.
  • What pool equipment is available for public use?
    Coast Guard approved life jackets, kick boards, pool noodles and pull buoy's. Toys, plastic balls, and Floating pads are reserved for Wave Swim School swim lessons only.
  • How do I redeem my Punch Pass?
  • How do I Create an Account?
  • What are your age requirements?
    Parent & Child - 6mo-3 years Wave Swim School - 3yrs-13yrs. Adult Lessons - 14yrs+.
  • What if I can't find the class I am looking for on the Customer Portal?
    If you are not seeing the class you are looking for, make sure to check a few things: - Check that the program you are looking for allows registration through the Customer Portal (Youth Lessons do not allow online registration) - Check if you are looking at the correct location (you can switch the location in the top right corner of the Customer Portal) - Check the registration dates of the class you are looking for; the classes will not be visible in the portal outside of the registration dates - Check that the student meets the age requirements for the class - Check the filters that you have selected
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