Community swim lessons since 2009

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Wave Swim School offers year-round weekly swim lessons at two locations: Juanita Aquatics Center and Redmond Pool.

Maximum 4 students to 1 instructor



Redmond Pool will be temporarily closed for 3 weeks June 21st - July 11th. Learn more at www.redmond.gov/pool

2020-21 Weekly Swim Lessons:

  • Thank you for making our 2020-21 weekly lessons format a success! The modified 45-minute lessons schedule will continue through June 20th

  • One 45-minute lesson each week

  • $25 per lesson

  • Monthly billing

  • Add/drop/transfer enrollments any time

  • Weekday lesson times starting at 4:45 pm

  • Weekend lesson times starting at 8:30 am

Year-round Swim Lessons:

  • Year-round schedule resumes June 21st

  • One 30-minute lesson each week

  • Monthly billing

    • Juanita $90 per month​

    • Redmond $90 per month resident / $100 per month non-resident

  • Weekday lesson times starting at 5:30 pm (Redmond) and 5:45 pm (Juanita)

  • Weekend lesson times starting at 8:00 am

2021 Summer Swim Lessons:

  • Summer Swim Lessons begin June 21st

  • Four 30-minute lessons each week, Monday - Thursday mornings

  • Lesson times starting at 9:00 am

  • Each week is a new session

    • Juanita $90 per session​

    • Redmond $90 per session resident / $100 per session non-resident

Updated Swim Lessons format, in line with current Department of Health guidance:

  • 6 ft. social distancing on the deck and in the pool, except when:

    • Swimmers briefly pass each other

    • Swimmers rest at the wall or on the lessons platforms with a fixed barrier in place

    • Instructors teach lessons wearing required PPE

  • Face masks required at all times when not in the pool

  • Frequent sanitizing of equipment and facility

  • Only students plus one parent/guardian will be allowed in the pool area

  • Instructors are in the water for beginner-level lessons (Little Breakers)!

    • Parents/guardians may watch from the benches (only one spectator per student please)

    • Instructors will wear protective face shields with droplet guard attachments while in the pool

    • Students will have space to keep 6 ft. distancing when resting, or physical barriers where distancing is not possible

    • Instructors will continue to teach from the pool deck for advanced-level lessons (Big Waves), except when providing physical correction

  • Participants must arrive 15 minutes early for mandatory check in

    • Failure to arrive early and complete the pre-session screening and safety briefing will result in denial of entry

    • Self-report temperature checks

    • Respond to screening questions

    • Pre-session safety briefing

  • Locker room use limited

    • Arrive changed and ready to swim​

    • Set your bag in the designated area on deck

    • Bring your own towel

    • Shower at home!

  • One-way facility entry and exit​

  • For more information, see the COVID-19 operating plan

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The Wave Swim School curriculum is based on layering skills and repetition. We believe this approach maximizes a student's ability to learn and retain new skills. We start with the basics. Once a skill is mastered, we add progressively more challenging, but related skills. Learning objectives in each level of Wave Swim School tie into the level before and the level after. Our students enjoy a steady, solid development in their swimming skills and become happy and confident swimmers.