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Little Breakers

Listed below are the session and registration dates for swim lessons that use a session schedule (Adult Lessons and Parent & Child Lessons).

Please Note: Summer Youth Lessons follow a different session schedule. Please refer to the Summer Lessons page for session and registration dates of Summer Lessons.

2023 Session Schedule




January 2nd - January 29th


January 30th - February 26th


February 27th - March 26th


April 3rd - April 30th


May 1st - May 28th


June 5th - July 2nd


July 3rd - July 30th


July 31st - August 27th


August 28th - September 24th


September 25th - October 22nd


October 23rd - November 19th


November 20th - December 17th


December 27th - January 1st


January 24th - January 29th


February 21st - February 26th


March 21st - April 2nd


April 25th - April 30th


May 24th - June 4th


June 28th - July 2nd


July 26th - July 30th


August 23rd - August 27th


September 20th - September 24th


October 18th - October 22nd


November 15th - November 19th

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