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  • Cari Brumfield

Changes to the WAVE Governing Board

WAVE Aquatics Community,

My name is Cari Brumfield and I would like to take a moment to update everyone on some changes that have been made to the WAVE Governing Board.

After 3.5 years serving as the Board President, Kfir Ami-ad has stepped down from the Board. Kfir, thank you for stepping up to the President role when you joined the Board in 2019 and for helping us lead WAVE through management changes and COVID.

With Kfir stepping down, I have taken the President role and Martha DeAmicis has taken the role of Secretary. Julie Soedel will continue to serve as Treasurer. I have served on the Board as Secretary since September 2019 and I am happy to be continuing to serve on the WAVE Governing Board in this new role.

We are also very happy to announce the addition of 3 new Board members that have joined as Members At Large: Chris Geitz, Bo Cao, and Bulent Ben Kabakci. I have included bios for all three of them below.


Cari Brumfield

President, WAVE Governing Board

Chris Geitz

I am excited and honored to be allowed the opportunity to serve on the Wave Aquatics Governing Board. As a former swimmer myself, I have such fond memories of my time swimming and being able to watch my own boys thrive on Wave, experiencing the same joy, is quite enjoyable. I've had fun meeting other parents while volunteering or simply waiting to pick up the boys at various pools. While many things have changed since I swam, I look forward to contributing while on the Board to what I would say is hands down, the best sport.

Bo Cao

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Wave Aquatics Governing Board. The impact that Wave has had on my son's life, from enhancing his swimming skills to fostering lasting friendships and nurturing his leadership abilities, is truly remarkable. Wave is more than just a swim team; it is a close-knit community filled with dedicated professional coaches, a supportive management team, passionate athletes, and engaged volunteers.

For over 30 years, Wave has been serving the aquatics community on the eastside, and I am honored to be a part of this legacy. Joining the governing board allows me to contribute my experience and time to further the incredible success that Wave has achieved. I am excited to collaborate with this exceptional team and work together to shape an even brighter future for all our athletes, their families, and the dedicated staff who make Wave Aquatics thrive.

Bulent Ben Kabakci

I am excited to join Wave Aquatics Governing Board and offer my skillset and experience to elevate the impact and value Wave Aquatics has been providing to our community. Wave Aquatics has a tremendous impact on development of young athletes and creating a strong sense of community so it is a very humbling and rewarding experience to be able to serve on the governing board. I had the opportunity to witness my daughter’s development as a young athlete over the last three years and incredible support she received from Wave organization, staff and coaches to realize her full potential. I have 20+ years of experience in finance and business development and currently work as a Director at Microsoft as well as actively investing in Real Estate as a licensed realtor and investor. Looking forward to working closely with Wave Aquatics organization and all members!

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