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Redmond Pool Improvements Begin This Summer

The Redmond Pool will receive the first phase of essential improvements this summer, beginning at the end of June, and extending into September. These improvements will result in better air and water quality, energy efficiencies, operational savings and help preserve the pool for another 25 to 30 years.

After 47 years, the pool systems have outlived their useful life, and improvements to the pool are necessary and critical to the future use of the pool as a community space.

The Redmond Pool will be closed from June 24th, 2019 until early fall 2019.

Wave Aquatics appreciates your support during this project, and we are excited about the many benefits!

Beginning June 24th, Wave Aquatics will be providing additional swim lessons and public programs at Juanita Aquatics Center in Kirkland, as an alternate location for Redmond Pool users during the summer. See the Programs page for more info!

For more information on the Redmond Pool improvement project, please visit:

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