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Wave Aquatics Swim Team 9-10 Year Old Tryout; Saturday, March 16, 2024

Wave Aquatics Swim Team has a tryout set for Saturday, March 16, 2024 at the Juanita High School Pool.

Arrival Time is 4:15pm to get athletes checked in

We will start the tryout at 4:30pm

Athletes will be done by 5:30pm at the latest


This tryout is only for athletes ages 9-10. 

>>Only athletes born October 1, 2013 or later are eligible to attend this tryout.<<

If any spots within our other age groups come available before the tryout, we will open the tryout to those age groups to fill those spots. Currently, those groups are full. We won’t run a tryout if we don’t have a spot to offer.  


Only Register your Swimmer if You Intend to Join the Team

We have limited tryouts slots. If you are not really interested in joining the team, please do not take one of our spots.

No-shows at tryouts are not well received by our coaching staff.

To help you make an informed decision, you can see basic fee structure information here:

White Group’s Practice Schedules are here:

Schedule note: both White Groups move between the three different pools on the schedule. None of our practice groups only practice at one facility.

You are also welcome to reach out to Coach Erin ( / 206 883 4434) to ask questions and make an informed decision before registering your athlete for the tryout.


Tryout Notes- Please Read:

>Only athletes, coaches and lifeguards may be in the building. Family members musty remain outside the building- this includes the lobby -during the tryout.

>Not everyone who tries out will be accepted onto the team. We are a competitive swim team with capacity limitations.

>A baseline for acceptance onto the team includes-

Ability to swim 3 of 4 competitive strokes comfortably

General athleticism


Listening Skills


>Kids who are active with outdoor play and other sports or athletic activities outside of swimming generally do better than kids who only know swimming

>Come prepared with suit, cap and goggles.

>No locker room access, athletes must arrive and leave in their swim suit.

Online Tryout Registration Link 

Only athletes registered for the tryout may attend.

Once the tryout is full, we will not take additional athletes.

There is a $15 charge to sign-up and attend our tryout. NO REFUNDS for families who sign up but do not attend.  

Tryout Registration Link: 


Any further questions about the tryout or the team:


Erin Dunn

Wave Aquatics

206 883 4434

Sportsmanship – Connection – Pride – Excellence

Instagram- @waveaquatics_swimteam  


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