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WAVE Aquatics Partnership with City of Redmond

WAVE Aquatics Families and Members,

As many of you have already seen or heard, the Redmond Pool is open again! Swim team groups began workouts at the newly renovated facility on April 26th, and a full schedule of appointment-only lap swims and kids’ swim lessons began on May 10th.

Over the past year and a half, the WAVE Governing Board and key stakeholders have been working with the City of Redmond on a long-term operating contract for the Redmond Pool. We are pleased to announce that we have finalized that agreement. WAVE and the City of Redmond have agreed on a long-term partnership that will run through 2025, with the potential for an additional five years’ extension, giving WAVE Aquatics access to Redmond Pool through 2030!

This is a huge win for WAVE Aquatics and our members as it secures one of our pool locations for the long term and strengthens our already great relationship with the City of Redmond. We want to especially thank, Julie Soedel, Michael Montgomery, and Tyson Wellock who performed the heavy lifting on the contract negotiations with the City over the past year and a half.

Following are a few highlights from the new contract:

  1. WAVE committed a $100,000 donation towards the recent renovations at the Redmond Pool, and also covered the costs of utilities and staffing needs during the pool closure.

  2. WAVE is launching a fee assistance program for City of Redmond residents for our kids’ swim lessons, which will help to ensure that financial limitations aren’t a barrier to Redmond families wanting to learn to swim.

  3. The City of Redmond will provide janitorial services to help WAVE staff keep the pool looking good as new.

The WAVE Aquatics Governing Board and Staff are excited to continue our long-term partnership with the City of Redmond. We are looking forward to helping make the Redmond Pool a vibrant community center and a focal point for the Eastside aquatics community.

Lastly, we want to highlight some of the key improvements to the pool from the last year and half of renovations:

  1. The pool circulation pump, filtration system and boilers were completely replaced. This alone will add an additional 20-30 years to the lifespan of the Redmond Pool.

  2. The HVAC system has been upgraded, ensuring the natatorium air is circulated and filtered efficiently.

  3. The pool liner and pool deck are new, along with new glazing around the entire building.

  4. The lobby, office, staff area and locker rooms are completely remodeled, with an open lobby layout, creating greater use of space inside the building and updating outdated fixtures.

  5. A brand new and fully functional bulkhead is in place, allowing for more program flexibility, especially for high school swim & dive practices and open swims.

  6. The LWSD and NSD high school swim & dive teams contributed to new diving blocks. A major improvement from the old, flat blocks from before.

  7. And, some minor but impactful details!

    • City-provided open WiFi

    • Energy-efficient LED lights

    • Vending machines

    • Washer & dryer for staff

    • Swimsuit dryers

    • Individual showers and changing stalls in the locker rooms

    • Showers in the family locker rooms

    • New signage and upcoming art installation out front

Any questions about WAVE’s long-term relationship with the City of Redmond or any other WAVE partnerships, please feel free to reach out to Interim Executive Director Chad Winkle (


WAVE Governing Board and Executive Director


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