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It’s Wave vs Wave!

Wave Aquatics has its annual Black vs Purple swim meet coming up on Sunday, September 23, at 2:15pm at the locally world famous Juanita Aquatic Center (Juanita HS Pool).

The meet is run as an intra-squad meet, where the coaching staff divides the kids evenly into two teams, points are tallied and a final score is produced at the end of the meet. Athletes remain on the same team each year, so bragging rights carry over from year to year.

Coach Chad has pulled off some coaching wizardry the past couple years as the Purple team has a two-year streak going, including last year’s fifty-point victory 693-643. But word on the street is, Black is ready to Strike Back!

The coaches anticipate having close to 260 athletes racing, having fun and showing some awesome team spirit this year!

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